Stop Managing Test Data
Start Automating It

  • Accurate data for every possible test
  • Find, make, and prepare data
  • On tap access to compliant test data

Next Generation Test Data

Test Data Automation provides a simple approach to test data management, rapidly providing on tap access to the data needed for rigorous testing.

1 - Create

Rapidly define test data scenarios for a vast array of back-end data sources.

2 - Automate

Accurate test data is prepared just in time for automated testing and CI/CD pipelines.

3 - Reuse

A central data catalogue provides on demand data for maximum reuse.

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A Complete Set of TDM Utilities

Wherever you are on your TDM journey, Test Data Automation can take you to the next level with a complete range of TDM utilities.

Data Masking

Remove sensitive data reliably from test data, reducing the risk of costly data breaches.

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Synthetic Data Generation

Generate rich data combinations to detect defects earlier, and at less cost to fix.

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Data Catalogue

Empowers QA teams to prepare the data they need, when they need it.

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Data Subsetting

Build compact data sets for faster, less resource-intensive testing and development.

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Data Allocation

Find, make and prepare data on-the-fly as tests are executed rapidly.

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Data Scenario Modeller

Remove time-consuming siloes, preparing complete and compliant test data just in time.

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Data Cloning

Rapidly provision data sets, removing the delays created by cross-team constraints.

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Test Matching

Link data combinations to tests, ensuring that data remains valid and up-to-date.

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Test Data Automation

Always have the right data, in the right place when executing automation.

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Already have TDM tools and processes? Test Data Automation is fully connected and can incorporate existing processes within a self-service and automated approach!

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Right Test Data. Right Place. Right Time.

Move beyond the logistics of copying data. Test Data Automation provides an modern approach to TDM.


Parallel teams enjoy unconstrained access to unique data sets, using a catalogue of test data to prepare the accurate data as they need it.


Automatically find and make accurate data for each and every test. “On the fly” data preparation ensures that data is valid and up-to-date.


Reliable data masking and realistic synthetic data generation avoid the use of PII in testing, mitigating the risk of damaging and costly data breaches.


Parallel test and development teams enjoy on demand access to rich data sets, delivering rigorously tested software in short iterations.


TDA provides on tap access to the data needed to achieve maximum test, detecting defects earlier, where they require less time and cost to fix.


End-to-end Test Data Automation embeds multi-step data preparation seamlessly within automated test execution and CI/CD pipelines.

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Test Data Automation creates the rich data needed for rigorous testing across complex data underpinning your system.









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